Sunday, June 30, 2019

Decorated removable glue bottle cover

Hey everybody! So glad you are here and checking out what I'm doing. Today I would like to share my removable glue bottle cover. I've never thought about decorating a glue bottle, until I saw someone on a Facebook group I'm a member of. The Facebook group is Oohlala Vintage Treasures and the person of the YouTube channel I watched is, A Trace of Sparkle. Please go check out these two, you'll learn a lot.

Here are the pictures of my glue bottle. I hope it will inspire you, to step outside the box, like it did me.

Thank you for stopping by. You can find me here:
YouTube.........Brenda Frame
Have a blessed week! Hugs, Brenda

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Junk Journal Embellishments

Hey everybody,
Just coming in to show you a little of what I've been working on. I'm having fun making embellishments, to decorate and put in your journals.

Here is just a few things, I've been working on.
Above are some tags and envelopes,which is from the digital kit.......Spring is in the air.
More embellished tags from the digital kit.
Below are snippet clusters,I created from scraps. You can use these to decorate a page, envelope, tags, or anything you need just a little something.

You can find the digital kit I used at

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend.
Hugs and Blessings, Brenda

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Devotional Journal

Hey everybody,
I hope your week is going well?

Today I would like to share a devotional journal, I've been working on. I did this for a challenge, for one of the Facebook group, that I'm a member of. The challenge was to do a journal for our personal use, so I picked a devotional journal.

Thank you all, for stopping by. Have a great weekend! Hugs Brenda

Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring is in the air Journal

 Hey everybody,
It is such a beautiful day. The birds are singing. I see butterflies and the sun is shining.I have the windows open, with a breeze blowing through the house. Every one and every thing seems right with world, at the moment.

Today, I would like to share a journal with you, with spring time in mind. I created this journal, with a digital kit from Melodimade. The name of this digi kit is, Spring is in the air. Please go check it out. It's a beautiful kit.

Thank you,for stopping by today. Have a great week. Hugs and Blessings! Brenda

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Shabby Chic Handmade Tags

Hey everybody,
Sorry it"s been a while, since I've posted. I've been sick with an upper respiratory infection, that's been going around. Thank the Good Lord, I'm feeling better.

Today, I want to share what I've been working on. There has been a lot of things scattered all over my desk, lately. I couldn't stand it any longer, so I did something about it...............I made some tags.

This is just a few of them. I took some of the bits and pieces, of lace, trim, appliques, doilies, buttons and tags from a Calico Collage digital kit and this is what I came up with. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel, under Brenda Frame.

It is good to be back!
Thank you, for stopping by.
Hugs and Blessings,

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Shabby Chic Altered Paperclips

Hey everybody,
I just wanted to pop on here and show you some large altered paperclips I created, for a swap I entered. This is the first time, I've made any of these. I think they turned out pretty good, if I should say for myself.

I am trying to enter swaps and challenges, to get me out of my box. I've been making cards for years, but I feel I have gotten stale. I won't say that I don't like making them anymore, but I just needed a change.

You will still see cards from time to time, but I just need to push my creative juices a little. You understand, I'm sure. So keep coming back, to see what I come up with next.

Thank you, for stopping by!
Hugs and Blessings,