Friday, November 19, 2010

PAWWS Weekend............

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about a four day weekend. Well, let me share a little of it with you. I'm a member of an online Yahoo group called PerfectFriends. We met a couple of weeks ago in Richfield Ohio. We had a blast! We stamped, shopped, laughed,played, and shopped some more! I took several pictures and hopefully I'll be able to upload them. We played some games that were funny. Some of the ladies tried to teach us how to dance. But for the most part, we worked on our Christmas cards. There are some very talented ladies in this group. I'm proud to say I'm a part of it. Oh yeah! by the way! PAWWS stand for.......Pretty Awesome Women With Stamps hope you like the pics and thanks for stopping by.                                             

Above is Mich Kerr ;My friend and table partner    Below is some of the ladies hard at work.

To the left we have a couple of the ladies trying to teach us how to dance; Key word here ( Trying )

To the right we have a game going on...........This was a really cute game! I'll have to teach it to you some day!

Now this was very funny!!!! We all loved this one! Gina had it going on! She won! She was the first to get all of her ping pong balls out of the tissue box. You Go Girl!!!!!