Monday, January 13, 2014

Paper Rose Tutorial

Happy Monday, everyone! I thought you may enjoy a tutorial today, so here we go.

Items you will need:
large stylus ( for breaking down paper )
small stylus ( for shaping petals )
molding mat ( or old mouse pad will work )
quick dry glue (  that dries clear )
McGill Floral Petals punch
McGill Birch Leaf punch
McGill Alpine Snowflake punch
Card stock

1.) Punch out six of each flower petals, three leaves and one snowflake.

2.) Place punched shape on molding mat and using the large stylus, press down and working in a circular motion. This softens and breaks down the card stock.
This is what they should look like when you are done breaking down the fibers.                                          

3.) once you have broken down all the pieces, turn the flower petals over and starting at the smaller point of the petal and with the large stylus, press and push toward the center. Do this with all of the petal pieces.
4.) Now using the smaller stylus, curl the tips of each petal. This is what your petals should look like after you've done this to all.                                                                          

5.) Add veins to your leaves. Now it's time to assemble.

 6.) Add a large petal to each snowflake leg.

Your first layer should look like the below photo. The next row of petals should offset the first row, and so on until all petals are used.
7.) After adding all of your petals, starting with larger petals working down to the smallest petal.
8.) Turn rose over and add your leaves.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have fun making lots of roses. Hugs Brenda