Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twist to a Christmas Card Basket Tradition.........

Hello my blogger friends! I'm so glad you stopped by. Today I want to share something with you that was shared with me probably 15 yrs ago. My best friend Diane, her mother asked if I save Christmas cards that people send me and if I did, could I share some with her for a project she was working on? Of course I did and in return she sent me a very nice handmade Christmas Card Basket.
Every year since then, at Christmas I always put out my basket. I use it for different things. Sometimes I put Christmas cards in it as they come in the mail, a basket for napkins, bread basket, or candy treats, you get the idea. Below is a picture of the one I received 15 yrs. ago.

Now every Christmas since then, I do the same thing. I ask my family and friends to save me their old Christmas cards. I then in turn make a basket for someone special that I have either met during the year, a friend, a co-worker or just someone I think may enjoy getting one.

Today I'm sharing with you, one I made and put a twist to it. I hope you like it?

1.) I make a template out of cereal boxes and cut it
2.) trace the template onto scrapbook paper then cut it out and glue onto the cardboard template.(8 pieces for sides and 1 for bottom).
3.)Pierce holes around the pieces about 1/4 inch
from edge.

4.) make a blanket stitch around each piece with
crochet thread like picture below.

5.) Attach all pieces with ribbon or any of the many decorative yarns that are available out there.

6.) the finished product.
This has endless possibilities. It doesn't have to be Christmas. You can use all kind of decorative papers and ribbons and yarns.